Sunday, 7 June 2009

Setting out a shady border

You plan, you go to the nursery. At the nursery what you planned doesn't look so good and there's something else of irresistable quality in stock. They have that great plant you never thought of, or that one you've only ever seen a picture of. Wow! You juggle it all in your mind. Drive back, plotting and scheming and crossing your fingers. Your friend commented how tasteful the selection was. Did she mean boring? I wanted it to be full on blowsy!

Then you set it out. Move the pots around. I think it's going to work, it just has to knit together. I have primed the clients to know pot-thick show garden planting isn't practical or good for plants...yay! They like it.
I'll feed back when it's all grown up.


  1. I was fascinated and delighted by glimpsed pictures of your mosaic pathway at Chelsea. The comment said that the pattern should be fixed using resin. I am a pensioner in far away Edinburgh. Could you please post some simple instructions as to how to create something (such as a patio floor) using your techniques. I have to create something out of virtually nothing (finance wise)and want to do a wild Gaudi style patio. Many thanks. Anne.

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for your question. The path and the techniques aren't mine, but those of designer Sarah Eberly. I'm not sure how you would fix the aggregate, but it's true, the stones could easily come out. Good luck with your patio, it sounds great.
    (Anne's comment relates to my post Sarah Eberle's Credit Crunch garden, below)