Sunday, 19 June 2011

London South Bank Festival of Britain - Eden Project garden - fruit trees

Blustery skies bring off this yellow paint bodge
You can really appreciate some of London's landmarks from the South Bank Centre terrraces.  It's an exposed site and you feel the beginning of the connection to the sea.  June is giving us lots of wind and rain. Apparently it rained as much in the first four days as in the previous three months.
Looking across the Thames to Somerset House
This kind of bedding is non-sustainable and anathema to me. It's also a horticultural no-no here, around these already starving trees.  Design-wise it's odd too, as these pots are adjacent to a wildflower area. Anyway, despite all that, I can't say no to these cheery little marguerite faces. I'm hoping the Eden Project, who put together this area, will be repatriating these trees with some TLC once the festival is over, and compost the short-lived flowers.
uninteresting to pollinators and unsustainable, but cheery

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