Friday, 8 January 2010

Form and texture - winter update

Here are the same plantings in winter.  I like the way the Stipa plants have rhythm in the breeze.  You can see the dried Achillea heads.  The Eremurus have long been taken in, no doubt.The shape of the oaks is so pleasing. Later, in the winter dusk, the silhouettes of boundary oaks at the Wisley site gave such a show with the gradated pink sky behind them.  This was far more affecting than the staged 'Lumiere' lighting display put on to attract visitors.
The Hakonechloa has dried robustly, whispering, and the leaves in the beech (hornbeam?) columns rattle.  This view evidences the rhythm of the planting. I am still mystified by the choice of Sarcocca patches (see the dip in the grass).  The plants look very healthy ( I had wondered about the full sun location in the summer) but the combination of the bottle green foliage colour next to the coppery grass didn't feel so good.

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