Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter Seedheads

There is plenty of interest in the predominantly herbaceous planting around the Millennium glasshouse at the Royal Horticultural Society's grounds at Wisley, Surrey, UK.  January 2nd  was cold and clear, the sky amazing. So, with a kid's eye view I took these views of seed heads. There is not an over-abundance of plant labels, which is ok.  (l-r)
Miscanthus sinensis  'Yakushima Dwarf' (probably)
Cynara cardunculus (globe artichoke, not sure if this is a varietal form)
Eryngium (not giganteum, because too tall -c. 2m - and basal rosette still quite green and fleshy)
These herbaceous perennials give good architectural form from mid-summer on.  They remain most attractive features in mid-winter.  Can't wait to use them in planting schemes!

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