Friday, 27 May 2011

Chelsea - Diarmuid Gavin's Irish Sky Garden

Hard to resist those box cushions stepping into the distance contrasting with shaggy hakonechloa and dripping birch

intriguing corten paths but you can't not see the crane

Imperata rubra picking up corten red

It's not easy to enjoy this garden from the viewpoints you're allowed as a visitor. You can't begin to get an idea of the overall shape. Also, I feel uneasy with the extravagant imported topiarised trees and box plants.  The key plants are ones that became design staples during the noughties (Miscanthus, Calamagrostis 'Carl Foerster', Hornbeam, Hakonechloa), but they don't feel tired as they make a study in contrasting form and texture. Nice. I really want to go up that path.


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  2. Thanks. Did you help out with the crane?