Saturday, 28 May 2011

Chelsea - Jihae Hwang's Hae-Woo-So Emptying One's Mind Garden

This garden mesmerises out of all proportion to its size and apparent humbleness. The artist has succeeded in creating a spiritual space with a toilet. Maybe the draw is in its neglected end-of-the-garden-place-to-be-on-your-own feeling. The best in artisan garden award is both annoying (I want this place to be for me alone!) and immensely pleasing (the artist deserves recognition for her talent).
Some of my pictures from Chelsea were used in Landscape magazine’s July edition, pp38 - 39

wash your hands
Jeffersonia diphylla

upturned pot as pillar, rough unglazed base offered to view


  1. Hi Viveka, This was my favourite garden at Chelsea this year too. So many wonderful ideas, incredibly incorporated into this small, thoughtful space. Great post. Naomi

  2. Thanks for the comment, Naomi. I love the witty title of your blog, and Cake Sunday - great post! I recognise the tall lady in turquoise as a North London Master Gardener, but can't quite remember her name. I guess you know about Master Gardeners north and south..? (see links on right of page)

  3. Hi Fi, Yes, I do know about master gardeners. Haven't signed up myself but our veg growing project has involved 100 households in our neighbourhood to grow veg this year and hopefully more next year too. Naomi p.s. Tall lady is Annie